Successful Judicial Review Challenge of PPS Refusal to Prosecute Rape Case

Harte Coyle Collins Solicitors & Solicitor Advocates, successfully challenged the failure of the Public Prosecution Service to prosecute a suspect in respect of an allegation of rape. The Children & Family Law Department obtained a court finding of fact in the Domestic Court in November 2011 that their client had been raped. This finding of fact was decided by the court during an application for a Non-Molestation Order on behalf of the client. The court, in a rare step, granted the client a 10 year Non-Molestation Order. Such Orders are usually only granted for periods of 12 to 18 months.

Court Orders 10 year Non Molestation Order to Protect Client

Lawyers at Harte Coyle Collins, Solicitors & Solicitor Advocates, have secured a 10 year Non Molestation Order for a client in a rare move by the Domestic Proceedings Court in Belfast. Catriona Hutton, Solicitor, today confirmed that the firm managed to secure a 10 year Non Molestation Order for a client in ciricumstances where such Orders are usually restricted to a maximum period of 12 to18 months.